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aCalendar+ presents a comprehensive and feature-rich calendar application that caters to both personal and professional scheduling needs.
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Tapir Apps GmbH
February 26, 2020
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aCalendar+: Enhancing Your Calendar Experience and Supporting Conservation Efforts



Experience a comprehensive and feature-rich calendar application with aCalendar+. As the premium version of aCalendar, this app offers an array of additional functionalities that cater to your scheduling needs. By trying out the free version of aCalendar first, you can familiarize yourself with the app’s interface and capabilities. Furthermore, your purchase of aCalendar+ not only grants you access to advanced features but also contributes to the protection of endangered wildlife, specifically the Mountain Tapir, as part of Tapir Apps’ commitment to conservation.

Extra Features

aCalendar+ provides a range of extra features that elevate your calendar experience. With the inclusion of public holidays (and school holidays for selected countries), you can easily stay informed and plan accordingly. These holidays can be customized and configured within the calendar list to suit your preferences. Additionally, aCalendar+ offers color themes, allowing you to personalize the user interface and widget colors. The dark background option adds a touch of elegance to the app. It’s important to note that event colors are determined by your calendar service and not the app itself.

Embracing the needs of professionals, aCalendar+ integrates various business features. You can conveniently invite attendees, link contacts, and manage free/busy time slots. The option to mark events as private ensures confidentiality, while sharing events as ICS files enables seamless collaboration. These advanced functionalities empower you to efficiently organize and streamline your professional engagements.

Moreover, aCalendar+ incorporates task management capabilities, enabling you to oversee Google Tasks or tasks from CalDAV/OpenTasks. This integration facilitates efficient task tracking and completion, all within the confines of your calendar app. By consolidating your events and tasks, aCalendar+ enhances productivity and keeps you on top of your commitments.

To enhance your overall experience, aCalendar+ removes occasional advertisements, ensuring an uninterrupted and focused usage of the app. This ad-free environment further augments your productivity and provides a seamless interface for managing your schedule.

Importantly, Tapir Apps demonstrates a commitment to environmental conservation by donating 10% of all revenue generated through app purchases, in-app purchases, and advertisements to rainforest conservation efforts via their partnership with World Land Trust. By choosing aCalendar+, you actively contribute to the protection of vital ecosystems, including the habitat of endangered species like the Mountain Tapir.


aCalendar+ boasts a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation and smooth transitions. The app offers various calendar views such as day, week, month, and year, ensuring you can effortlessly switch between different timeframes to suit your planning needs. The inclusion of fullscreen widgets allows you to access essential information and upcoming events directly from your device’s home screen.

The app’s flexibility shines through its ability to accommodate recurring events of various patterns. Whether it’s an event that repeats every few weeks, every specific number of days, or on select days of the week, aCalendar+ has you covered. Furthermore, the app supports up to 48 colors per calendar, providing you with ample customization options to distinguish and categorize your events effectively. Additionally, if your event’s calendar allows it, you can assign unique colors to individual events, making them easily recognizable at a glance.

aCalendar+ allows you to personalize your event display by adjusting the font size according to your preference. Birthdays and anniversaries are seamlessly integrated into the app, complete with photos from your address book. You can effortlessly manage and edit these special occasions, ensuring you never miss an important date.

The app employs Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization, ensuring reliable and seamless integration with your device’s calendar service. This eliminates any battery drain associated with constant polling and optimizes performance.

In addition to its core functionalities, aCalendar+ offers several supplementary features. The app provides information on moon phases and zodiac signs, adding a touch of astrological insight to your birthday celebrations. QR barcode sharing of events simplifies event sharing between devices and users. Furthermore, aCalendar+ honors your system settings, whether you prefer a 12-hour or 24-hour clock format, ensuring a seamless integration with your device’s time settings. The app also prioritizes optimized text display and improved line-break, ensuring a pleasant reading experience.


Navigating through aCalendar+ is a breeze. Vertical swiping or using the volume rocker allows you to effortlessly move forward and backward in the calendar, enabling quick access to future or past dates. Switching between calendar views is as simple as performing a horizontal swipe gesture, starting from the desired day or week. For day-specific information, a double-tap instantly opens the day view, providing a comprehensive overview of your events and tasks.

Interacting with your events is intuitive and efficient within aCalendar+. Tapping an event provides detailed information, allowing you to review its specifics and make necessary adjustments. To create a new event, simply perform a long-press gesture, and aCalendar+ guides you through the process seamlessly. Long-pressing on the mini-month calendar provides quick access to today’s date or enables you to jump to a specific date swiftly. Moreover, tapping on a photo within the app opens a quick contact menu, providing you with convenient options for communication.

aCalendar+ includes configurable actions to streamline your usage. A three-finger tap can be customized to perform specific actions based on your preferences, further enhancing the app’s usability. Furthermore, the app supports drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to effortlessly reschedule events in the day view. By tapping and long-pressing an event, you can easily change its assigned day by using the volume rocker.


Rest assured that aCalendar+ respects your privacy and only requests permissions necessary for app functionality. The app ensures that none of your private data is ever sent anywhere without your explicit configuration. If you have any concerns or questions regarding permissions, the development team encourages you to reach out for clarification and assistance.


To cater to a diverse user base, aCalendar+ has been translated into over 30 languages, primarily through the efforts of dedicated volunteers. The team behind the app values accuracy and user experience, and they encourage users to report any instances of poor translations or express their interest in contributing additional language support. By fostering a collaborative environment, aCalendar+ aims to deliver a seamless experience to users worldwide.

Love and Support

If you find aCalendar+ beneficial to your scheduling needs, the development team appreciates your support. Leaving a positive rating and recommending the app to your friends and colleagues not only shows your appreciation but also helps spread the word about aCalendar+’s capabilities. By contributing to the app’s recognition, you enable the team to continue refining and expanding its functionalities.


While aCalendar+ is optimized for speed and has a small memory footprint, it unfortunately cannot support app2SD due to technical limitations. This limitation arises from the fact that homescreen widgets are unable to function when the app is installed on an SD card. However, rest assured that the app’s optimization ensures optimal performance and resource utilization on your device.

Roadmap (Planned Features)

aCalendar+ is committed to continual improvement and refinement. The development team has outlined several planned features on their roadmap, aimed at enhancing the app’s capabilities and user experience. Among the forthcoming improvements are further enhancements to the task management system, such as contact linking, which will streamline task-related communication and collaboration. Popup notifications are also in the pipeline, ensuring that you stay updated on upcoming events and tasks efficiently. Furthermore, aCalendar+ aims to introduce support for alternative calendar systems, including Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Persian, Islamic/Hijri, and more. These expansions will enable users from different cultural backgrounds to fully utilize the app’s features and make their scheduling experience even more personalized and inclusive. Importantly, the date widget already supports several alternative calendar systems, ensuring a holistic approach to date representation.

In conclusion

aCalendar+ presents a comprehensive and feature-rich calendar application that caters to both personal and professional scheduling needs. With its intuitive interface, advanced functionalities, and commitment to conservation efforts, aCalendar+ offers a superior calendar experience while actively contributing to environmental preservation.

What's new

fixes for snooze, custom notification layouts on Android 12+, blue day improvements, auto-complete fixes for contact-linking, birthday name input fixed, recurrence editing fixed for removing recurrence, and many more

Mod Info:

  • ● Paid package used
    ● Removed garbage
    ● Removed everything related to evaluation and updating
    ● Cleaned up interface a bit
    ● Optimized resources
    ● Added ru-translation
    ➡ Languages: ‘en’ ‘de’ ‘es’ ‘fr’ ‘it’ ‘pl’ ‘pt’ ‘pt-BR’ ‘ru’ ‘tr’ ‘uk’
    ➡ Architectures: Universal

    Total Apk Size: 6.4 MB


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