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Accu​Battery emerges as an indispensable tool for Android users seeking to optimize their device's battery health and gain a comprehensive understanding of battery usage patterns.
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Jul 23, 2023
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Accu​Battery: Optimizing Battery Health and Providing Comprehensive Battery Insights



Accu​Battery a reliable and feature-rich app developed by a passionate and quality-driven independent developer, offers an array of functions to protect your device’s battery health and provide invaluable battery usage information. Backed by scientific research, the app measures battery capacity (mAh) and aims to extend battery lifespan significantly. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of this exceptional battery management tool.

Battery Health:

Batteries are subject to limited lifespans, and each charging session gradually diminishes their total capacity. However, through scientific studies, AccuBattery has discovered that charging your device to only 80% can potentially extend battery lifespan by up to 200%. To aid users in this endeavor, the app offers a charge alarm feature, which notifies users when the device reaches the desired charging level, preventing overcharging.

Furthermore, AccuBattery diligently tracks battery wear during each charge session, empowering users with valuable insights into their battery’s health. Armed with this knowledge, users can take appropriate measures to preserve their battery’s performance and maximize its longevity.

Battery Use:

Accu​Battery stands out from conventional battery management apps by measuring actual battery usage accurately, leveraging information from the battery charge controller. The app intelligently combines these measurements with data on the foreground app, surpassing the standard battery usage calculations provided by device manufacturers, which are often riddled with inaccuracies.

Users can effortlessly monitor the exact battery consumption of their device, discerning how long it can remain active or in standby mode. Additionally, the app presents detailed reports on app-specific power consumption, enabling users to identify energy-hungry applications and make informed choices regarding their usage.

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to track device wake-ups from deep sleep, helping users identify any disruptive factors that might be affecting battery efficiency.

Charge Speed:

Accu​Battery comes to the rescue once again by assisting users in finding the optimal charger and USB cable for their devices. By measuring the charging current (in mA), users can determine the most efficient charging setup. The app provides real-time data on charging speed when the screen is on or off, along with the estimated time to achieve a full charge.


– Real Battery Capacity Measurement: Accu​Battery takes pride in delivering accurate readings of real battery capacity in mAh, providing users with reliable insights into their device’s energy storage capabilities.

– Charge Alarm for Lifespan Prolongation: The charge alarm feature ensures users charge their devices optimally, safeguarding battery health and extending its overall lifespan.

– Battery Wear Tracking: Users can delve into detailed reports on battery wear sustained during each charging session, helping them gauge the impact of charging habits on battery degradation.

– Discharge Speed and App-Specific Consumption: Accu​Battery furnishes users with precise information about the discharge speed of their device and energy consumption attributed to individual applications.

– Remaining Charge and Use Time: Users can effortlessly ascertain the time remaining until their device is fully charged or, conversely, when it will run out of battery, allowing for better planning and usage management.

– Screen On/Off Estimations: Accu​Battery provides valuable estimations of battery usage with the screen on or off, offering an enhanced understanding of device behavior.

– Deep Sleep Percentage: For devices in standby mode, the app showcases the percentage of time spent in deep sleep, helping users identify potential issues affecting battery drain during idle periods.

– Real-Time Battery Statistics: Users can access ongoing notifications, providing at-a-glance real-time battery statistics for quick monitoring.

Pro Features:

Accu​Battery offers an upgraded version with added advantages for power users:
– Real-Time CPU and Power Usage Overlay: Users can spot battery-draining processes through a real-time overlay of CPU and power usage.

– Energy-Saving Dark and AMOLED Themes: The app offers energy-efficient themes to conserve battery life while providing a visually appealing experience.

– Historical Sessions and Detailed Stats: Pro users gain access to historical battery sessions older than 1 day and receive more comprehensive battery statistics in the notification panel.

– Ad-Free Experience: With the Pro version, users can enjoy an uninterrupted and ad-free usage of Accu​Battery.


Accu​Battery emerges as an indispensable tool for Android users seeking to optimize their device’s battery health and gain a comprehensive understanding of battery usage patterns. With its commitment to privacy and accuracy, Accu​Battery has proven to be a valuable asset for users looking to maximize their device’s battery lifespan while enhancing overall performance. By supporting the developers and upgrading to the Pro version, users can unlock an even richer set of features and continue to benefit from the app’s tireless dedication to battery statistics.

What's new

• New Material 3 style UI.
• Added navigation rail for landscape mode.
• Optimized app loading, now shows progress.
First launch after upgrade may take a while,
need to apply database changes.
• And many, many more changes and fixes.


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