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Auto Cursor revolutionizes one-handed smartphone usage by introducing a convenient pointer accessible from the edges of the screen.
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May 23, 2023
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Auto Cursor: Enhancing One-Handed Smartphone Usage

Auto Cursor


With the increasing size of smartphones, it can often be challenging to operate them comfortably with just one hand. Recognizing this issue, Auto Cursor offers a practical solution by providing a user-friendly pointer accessible from the edges of the screen. This innovative app aims to enhance the one-handed usability of large smartphones, offering a range of features and customization options to suit individual preferences.

Ease of Use and Versatile Functionality

Auto Cursor empowers users to effortlessly navigate every side of their smartphone screen using a cursor. By swiping from the left, right, or bottom edges, the cursor appears, allowing users to perform various actions, such as clicking, long clicking, and dragging. The app provides flexibility by allowing users to assign different actions for both click and long click gestures on each of the three triggers.

Customization Options

To cater to diverse user needs, Auto Cursor enables extensive customization of triggers, trackers, and cursors. Users can personalize the size, color, and visual effects of these elements, ensuring an interface that aligns with their preferences and style.

Available Actions

Auto Cursor offers a wide range of actions to streamline smartphone navigation and control. Users can assign actions such as the back button, home, recent apps, previous app, open notification, open quick settings, open system settings, power off dialog, lock screen, take screenshot, paste clipboard, search, voice assistant, assistant, and toggle various settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, auto-rotate, split screen, sound, and brightness. Additionally, the app allows media control actions like play, pause, previous, next, and volume adjustment. Furthermore, users can launch applications or shortcuts, granting quick access to frequently used features or content, such as Dropbox folders, Gmail labels, contacts, and routes.

Pro Version Benefits

While the standard version of Auto Cursor offers an array of useful features, the Pro version enhances the experience further. Users opting for the Pro version gain the ability to perform long clicks and dragging actions using the cursor. Furthermore, they gain access to additional actions, including launching applications or shortcuts and accessing the Recent Applications menu. The Pro version also provides convenient volume and brightness adjustment sliders, offering more precise control. Moreover, users can enjoy complete customization freedom by adjusting the size, color, and other visual aspects of the tracker and cursor.

Privacy and Security

Respecting user privacy is a top priority for the developers of Auto Cursor. To ensure data protection, the app does not require any internet permissions, and it does not send any user data without explicit consent. The privacy policy provides detailed information on how user data is handled, assuring transparency and trust. The accessibility service required by Auto Cursor is solely used to enable the app’s functionality and does not involve any data collection or network transmission.

Device-Specific Considerations

On Huawei devices, it may be necessary to add Auto Cursor to the list of protected applications. Users can easily achieve this by navigating to [Settings] -> [Advanced settings] -> [Battery manager] -> [Protected apps] and enabling Auto Cursor.

For Xiaomi devices, the app’s auto-start feature is disabled by default. Users can enable Auto Cursor by accessing [Settings] -> [Permissions] -> [Autostart] and allowing auto-start for Auto Cursor. Additionally, in [Settings] -> [Battery] -> [Battery Saver] -> [Choose apps], users can select Auto Cursor and set it to have “No restrictions.”

Translation and Localization Auto

Cursor is currently available in multiple languages, including English, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese. While translations in German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, and Portuguese are available, they may be incomplete or require improvements. Users interested in contributing to translations or reporting translation errors can contact the developers at [email protected]. The application allows users to change the default language in the “About / Translation” menu, ensuring a seamless experience for users worldwide.


Auto Cursor revolutionizes one-handed smartphone usage by introducing a convenient pointer accessible from the edges of the screen. With its versatile functionality, customizable features, and extensive range of actions, this app empowers users to navigate their large smartphones comfortably. By offering a Pro version with additional benefits and prioritizing user privacy, Auto Cursor aims to provide an exceptional user experience. Explore the possibilities of one-handed smartphone operation today with Auto Cursor.

What's new

• Various bug fixes and improvements

Mod Info:

PRO Unlocked
Evaluation dialog removed
Optimized resources
Languages: ‘en’ ‘de’ ‘es’ ‘fr’ ‘it’ ‘pl’ ‘pt’ ‘ru’ ‘uk’
Architectures: Universal



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