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Calculator Pro emerges as an invaluable asset, catering to a diverse array of users, whether you're a student grappling with complex equations, an engineer seeking swift conversions, or a curious mind embarking on diverse calculations.
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Aug 8, 2023
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Calculator Pro stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly multi-calculator application, skillfully designed to cater to all your essential daily calculation needs. With its intuitive interface and remarkable functionality, this app has been meticulously crafted to offer you a seamless calculating experience, and the best part? It’s completely free of charge!

Calculator Pro

Dive into the myriad features of this all-in-one calculator app that serves as your ultimate calculating companion, tackling everything from straightforward computations to intricate unit conversions, percentage conundrums, equation solving, area and volume calculations, BMI assessment, loan planning, tax estimations, and beyond. Calculator Pro emerges as the sole calculator you’ll ever require on your device.

Principal Features:

• Diverse Layouts: Choose between a Standard calculator, Simple layout, or opt for the more advanced Scientific layout.
• Unified Unit and Currency Conversion: Seamlessly switch between different units and currencies within the same app.
• Abundant Calculator Selection: Access over 80 calculators and unit converters, covering an extensive range of calculation needs.
• Offline Currency Converter: Effortlessly convert among 170 currencies even without an internet connection.
• Instant Homework Solver: Swiftly resolve your academic assignments with the app’s efficient capabilities.
• Graphing and History: Benefit from an integrated calculator with function graphing and a detailed calculation history.
• Intelligent Search: Navigate the app more swiftly with the smart search feature.
• Night-Friendly Dark Theme: Facilitate late-night sessions with the soothing dark theme.
• Intuitive Navigation: Enjoy hassle-free and rapid movement throughout the application.

A Versatile Tool for All:

Perfectly catering to the requirements of students, educators, engineers, handymen, contractors, and anyone seeking mathematical assistance, Calculator Pro emerges as a comprehensive solution. It encapsulates a diverse array of calculators and unit converters, far surpassing the capabilities of your standard phone or handheld calculator.

The app’s extensive repertoire enables you to tackle simple computations as well as intricate calculations with pinpoint accuracy. The scientific calculator encompasses function graphing, an extensive calculation history, advanced mathematical functions, and editable input. Wrapped in a clean and intuitive material design interface, Calculator Pro ensures that your focus remains firmly on your calculations and data, even during those late-night study sessions.

A Wealth of Mathematical Tools:

• Effortless Percentage Calculations
• Diverse Average Calculations: Arithmetic, Geometric, and Harmonic Means
• Proportions Made Easy
• Comprehensive Combinations and Permutations
• Area and Perimeter Calculations for a Variety of Shapes
• Volume Calculations for Various Geometrical Forms
• Equation Solver for Linear, Quadratic, and Equation Systems
• Decimal to Fraction Conversion
• Streamlined Prime Number Verification
• Right Triangle Calculations
• Swift Application of Heron’s Formula
• Circle-related Calculations Simplified
• GCF and LCM Determination
• Fraction Simplification Made Effortless
• Smooth Number Base Conversion
• Reliable Random Number Generation

Unit Conversion Convenience:

• Over 30 Supported Unit Converters
• Length, Area, Weight, Volume, Speed, Temperature, Time, and Fuel Economy Conversions
• Culinary Conversions for Cooking Enthusiasts

Additional Features:

• Convenient BMI Calculation
• Daily Caloric Expenditure Estimations
• Effortless Body Fat Percentage Determination
• Quick Sales Tax Assessment
• Seamless Tip Calculation
• Efficient EMI and Loan Planning
• Insightful Smoking Cost Computation
• Age Calculation Made Simple
• Elapsed Time Calculation with Options for Years & Days, and Hours & Minutes


Calculator Pro emerges as an invaluable asset, catering to a diverse array of users, whether you’re a student grappling with complex equations, an engineer seeking swift conversions, or a curious mind embarking on diverse calculations. With its expansive suite of tools, seamless user experience, and captivating material design, this app becomes an indispensable aid, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every calculation you encounter.

What's new

• Added new auto parathesis button in Calculator
• Removed calculate button from tools and the result is now calculated automatically
• Improved Average & GCF tool UI
• Open the Calculator from tools directly
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Package Info:

★ PRO / Paid features Unlocked
★ .source attributes of the corresponding java files removed
★ All Debug code removed
★ Original package signature changed
➡ Languages: Full Multi Languages
➡ CPU architectures: Universal
➡ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi


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