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e-Connect revolutionizes the management and supervision of security systems, offering a centralized platform for comprehensive control and monitoring.
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Jun 21, 2023
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e-Connect: Centralized Management and Supervision for Enhanced Security and Control



e-Connect is an advanced service designed to centralize, manage, and supervise various systems through a single cloud platform. It seamlessly integrates EL.MO intrusion and fire detection systems, home management systems, and e-Vision® video surveillance systems. With the help of qualified and authorized EL.MO. security systems installers, users can create a system account to access the comprehensive features of e-Connect. This article explores the capabilities of e-Connect in managing a wide range of systems, including intrusion detection, video surveillance, and domotic systems, while emphasizing its enhanced functionalities such as InstaVision video verification.

System Management Capabilities:

e-Connect offers extensive support for managing various EL.MO. intrusion detection systems, including Villeggio, PREGIO, HERCOLA, ETR G2, TITANIA, NET, and TACÓRA control units. Additionally, it enables seamless control and monitoring of DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras from the e-Vision PRO series. Moreover, e-Connect allows users to manage domotic systems associated with EL.MO. units, such as irrigation and lighting systems. The versatility of e-Connect enables simultaneous management of multiple systems across different locations, including homes, offices, and holiday houses.

Comprehensive Functionality:

e-Connect empowers users with a wide range of functions accessible through smartphones and tablets. Users can conveniently monitor the status of their systems, receive notifications, and enable or disable intrusion detection devices. The integration with the CCTV systems facilitates real-time viewing of live video feeds, both single and multichannel, as well as playback functionalities. Furthermore, e-Connect enables users to manage domotic systems, allowing remote adjustment of temperature and control of operational modes for chronothermostats.

InstaVision Video Verification:

A notable feature of e-Connect is InstaVision, a powerful function that optimizes the synergy between EL.MO. intrusion and fire detection systems and CCTV e-Vision PRO systems. InstaVision provides real-time notifications regarding security events and allows immediate verification of system conditions. When an event occurs, such as an intrusion attempt, InstaVision enables users to view live images, recordings captured at the time of the event, and images recorded seconds before the event. This capability empowers users to swiftly determine whether an event is a false alarm or a genuine intrusion or fire event, facilitating prompt and appropriate interventions. Importantly, all images are securely stored on users’ DVRs and NVRs, eliminating risks associated with third-party servers and ensuring rapid system response.

Intuitive Interface:

e-Connect boasts a user-friendly interface that combines comprehensive control with intuitive navigation. The main icons provide users with a quick overview of system status, while a convenient side menu enables effortless exploration of e-Connect’s various menu pages. Interactive graphic maps within the system interface facilitate device management and allow users to view camera feeds with ease.

Power and Security Integration:

e-Connect leverages a robust Cloud Server structure that encompasses all connected control units, ensuring efficient system performance. To ensure a high level of security, e-Connect utilizes the SSL communication protocol and certificates issued by international Certification Authority bodies. This robust security infrastructure safeguards user data and system integrity.

Easy Setup and P2P Connectivity:

Setting up e-Connect and associating it with security equipment, such as control units and NVRs/DVRs, is a streamlined process. Thanks to the P2P (peer-to-peer) connection to EL.MO.’s proprietary server, users can easily configure the e-Connect app and establish seamless connectivity with their security devices.


e-Connect revolutionizes the management and supervision of security systems, offering a centralized platform for comprehensive control and monitoring. With its wide range of capabilities, including the management of intrusion detection, video surveillance, and domotic systems, e-Connect provides users with enhanced security and control over their premises. The inclusion of InstaVision video verification further strengthens the system’s capabilities, allowing real-time event notifications and immediate video monitoring. With its user-friendly interface and robust security features, e-Connect sets a new standard in efficient and secure system management.

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