FINAL FANTASY IV v2.0.2 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

The FINAL FANTASY IV Mod APK is the first game to utilize the series' signature Active Time Battle system. The Augment System allows players to transfer abilities from other characters to gain an advantage in battle.
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Jun 28, 2022
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The FINAL FANTASY IV Mod APK is the first game to utilize the series’ signature Active Time Battle system. The Augment System allows players to transfer abilities from other characters to gain an advantage in battle.

Participants will have the chance to become the Dark Knight in intense combat while playing Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake). Participants transform into the Dark Horseman, Cecil Harvey, on a dramatic and intriguing adventure. Harvey must constantly try to thwart the witch. Golbez’s plot to save people’s lives. With a unique character system and dramatic missions, this game promises the best experience for its participants.


It brings extremely thrilling missions. What makes participants take the time to explore this game is the deep impression of the graphics. With vivid 3D graphic design, every image in the game is depicted very delicately and beautifully. First of all, the image of the super excellent main character system in the game is Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Rosa Farrell, and Cecil.

Each character in FINAL FANTASY IV will have different appearance characteristics that bring their own characteristics, especially here, and the splendid costumes are carefully invested. A character’s costume shows its own characteristics and is tied to that character’s abilities. The system gives players more than 15 characters to choose from throughout the game. The characters will be unlocked many abilities, use magic when performing difficult tasks.


One of the things that impress players when participating in the game is learning about the beautiful context in the game. When participating in FINAL FANTASY IV, players will be transformed into a dark knight named Harvey. Throughout the game are stories in the Blue Plane, where the parallel life between humans and underground life occurs.\

What is worth noting here is that the appearance of Dwarves in the underworld has caused some upheaval in the social order. The player’s main character will transform into the game named Harvey, who fights for justice and finds the cause of the mysterious stories. During his journey, the player will receive a lot of help from his friend characters such as Cecil, Rosa, Rydia. The supporting characters will contribute to the success of the main character when participating in bloody wars.


In the name of a dark knight seeking justice, throughout the course of the task, the main character constantly tries his best to join the wars. Faced with the evil and malicious plot of the witch Gozbet, can the player trounce her? To be able to win is the control and long-term tactics that players use. During the battle, players will form a team with up to 5 characters to participate in combat. The characters in a team will constantly interact and combine to create a team that plays with great destructive power and wins against the dark forces.

Players will be able to use weapons for theatrical battles. When passing difficult missions, players will receive bonuses to unlock great features. In addition, players can also hunt treasures with teammates to earn more bonuses.


When participating in the game, players will have the opportunity to learn and adventure in new lands. Participants will travel with their teammates through time through magical spells in the game. During the move, participants can stop at several locations to collect weapons and equip weapons to prepare well for the matches. What allows trying out in the game is to control 5 characters in your team simultaneously. Players need to arrange and divide tasks following the ability of each character.

Not only that, participants in FINAL FANTASY IV need to have a long-term strategy against the enemy’s plots and hateful monsters. Players need to maintain their health by refilling health. The character’s health will be displayed on the screen for players to monitor. If the monster’s health runs out before the player, the player has won.


Become Harvey and fight hard with your teammates to defeat the dark forces of the evil witch. FINAL FANTASY IV players will use their abilities to control 5 main characters when participating in battles. Each character will have its own strengths and weaknesses, so players need to use the strength of the character accordingly.

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Fixed minor bugs.


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