Hills of Steel v5.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Hills of Steel is an exciting game that puts players in control of a tank as they face off against various adversaries on hilly terrain.
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Aug 30, 2023
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Hills of Steel MOD APK

Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel is an exciting game that puts players in control of a tank as they face off against various adversaries on hilly terrain. In this game, you must make full use of your arsenal, including weapons and boosters, while leveraging the terrain to secure victory in each match. Additionally, you have the option to engage with other players, witnessing their tank capabilities and gathering inspiration to unlock new tanks within the game.

Hills of Steel


In the upcoming fourth anniversary update of Hills of Steel, players can look forward to a plethora of thrilling additions. One of the most noteworthy enhancements is the introduction of remarkable new weapons that will greatly assist players in their diverse battles. Furthermore, a key highlight not to be overlooked is the opportunity to obtain legendary tank skins at no cost. These skins come with remarkable attributes that demand attention.

Apart from discovering fresh skins, the game also introduces a brand-new support tool known as the drone. This device enables players to target their adversaries with pinpoint accuracy, all without the need for manual control. Once activated, the drone swiftly appears and begins scanning for enemies, allowing players to team up with it in combat until the enemy tanks are destroyed, securing victory. It’s important to note that the drone can only be employed once during battles.

Hills of Steel


You will emerge atop a hill situated within the Hills of Steel and initiate your advance towards your adversaries. Your movements will take place in a two-dimensional setting, focusing solely on leftward, rightward, and offensive actions. Given the hilly terrain, you will encounter diverse elevations, each exerting a distinct influence on your offensive capabilities. Thus, mastering the art of firing your tank and commencing attacks becomes crucial in this scenario.

Hills of Steel

This title offers a diverse gaming experience, featuring distinct modes such as Player versus Player (PVP) and Player versus Environment (PVE). In the PVE mode, players will regularly encounter a consistent influx of adversaries right in their line of sight. These adversaries are automated bots equipped to engage your tank in combat, and your objective is to strategize and eliminate these foes. As you progress through the game, you’ll notice that more formidable opponents with larger tanks emerge, presenting a greater challenge compared to the earlier encounters.

Once you’ve become acquainted with how your tank’s firing system works, it’s imperative not to overlook the Player vs. Player (PVP) levels. These levels offer you the opportunity to go up against other players, each armed with fully equipped tanks. The result of these matches hinges on your skills and the power of your tank. Furthermore, the number of participants in these matches can vary, allowing you to engage in thrilling 1vs.1 or 2vs.2 games. Each game mode offers both excitement and a substantial challenge.

Hills of Steel


One of the key aspects that will undoubtedly draw players to Hills of Steel is the diverse selection of tanks and boosters available within the game. To elaborate, the game features an array of tank varieties, each requiring specific resources for unlocking. These tanks encompass both conventional designs and imaginative, fictional creations with unique capabilities. Furthermore, players can acquire boosters in the form of cards, necessitating a specific quantity of components to advance them to higher levels.

What's new

Driving tanks and destroying enemies hasn’t been this smooth since we improved the game’s user experience for this update!

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