Indy Cat v1.95 MOD APK (Unlimited Bows, Free Purchases)

The Indy Cat Mod APK invites players to embark on an adventure through enigmatic archaeological sites, brimming with puzzles and obstacles that demand their skill and wit.
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Sep 13, 2023
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Indy Cat MOD APK

Indy Cat

The Indy Cat Mod APK invites players to embark on an adventure through enigmatic archaeological sites, brimming with puzzles and obstacles that demand their skill and wit. As they progress through numerous match-three levels, they will encounter escalating challenges and objectives.

Indy Cat is an engaging match-three puzzle game that takes players on an adventure alongside a charismatic cat character. Together, they embark on a journey through a mysterious realm brimming with ancient ruins and a series of increasingly challenging match-three puzzles. Gamers must conquer these puzzles by meeting specific objectives within a limited number of moves. As the game progresses, these objectives become more numerous and demanding, prompting players to utilize boosters strategically to expedite level completion.


Indy Cat is an adventure game where gamers accompany a cat on its voyage through enigmatic locations featuring various ancient ruins. These monuments conceal intriguing tales that require unraveling, and players will encounter diverse characters throughout their journey. Alongside the captivating narrative, players will face challenging puzzles at each stage. Completing these stages unlocks further chapters of the game’s storyline, allowing players to delve deeper into the game’s immersive world.

The puzzles featured in this game are centered around match-three levels, a genre that many players are already familiar with. The game mechanics are user-friendly, as players simply need to swipe a gem within the game screen’s frame. When three or more elements align, they generate certain effects on adjacent elements. This enables players to fulfill the objectives of each game screen more easily.


When beginning a level in Indy Cat, players must be aware of the game’s objectives and the maximum number of moves allowed. Each successful match consumes one turn, and if the player cannot complete the level within the designated number of turns, the level will be unsuccessful. This constraint influences players’ strategies and gameplay, as they must be selective in their matching choices instead of freely matching elements.

The path to uncovering the secrets of the game’s landscape is extensive, as players will need to conquer numerous distinct match-three levels. These levels are easily visible on the in-game map and promise to offer a wide variety of challenges and appeal to players. Additionally, the level of difficulty will steadily rise, introducing new gameplay mechanics along the way, particularly with more intricate requirements.

One challenge for players arises from the need to manage multiple tasks concurrently. In the early levels, typically only one task is required, and players can devote all their moves to completing it. However, as the game progresses, players must gather numerous scattered elements across the screen and eliminate various treasure chests. To meet these demands, players will need to employ their strategic skills effectively.


In a match-three game like Indy Cat, the significance of various powerful boosters with destructive effects cannot be overlooked by players. The method for crafting these boosters is straightforward: by combining more than three gems of the same kind in various patterns. This allows you to expedite your progress by generating potent abilities that can clear a wide area with a single move. Moreover, it’s crucial to pay attention to the game’s assessment component.

The game features a progress bar on the left side, accompanied by a rating system represented by stars above it. The progress bar steadily fills up as you accumulate points, leading to the illumination of various stars. The faster you earn points, the quicker you’ll fill the bar. The ultimate goal for players is to attain three stars in each level, serving as a key motivator for completing the levels.

Players will be attracted to the journey to explore the relics:

  • The relics in this game are associated with match-three levels with increasing difficulty that players are forced to face.
  • Players will complete the requirements in a predetermined number of turns, and they need to make the matches accurately and carefully.
  • The requirements number will not be fixed, and the player has difficulty in some levels when completing the requirements simultaneously.
  • The boosters that this game possesses are diverse with different destructive powers and help you speed up the level of the game.
  • Each level has a progress bar with three stars, and the player will try to collect these three stars with the number of points they earn.

What's new

What's new?
* A new map and levels of the main story were added!
* Some of the lower levels were improved!
Please leave your feedback! It is your opinion that helps us to improve the game, thank you!

Mod Info:

Unlimited Bows, Free Purchases


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