InstAddr v2023.09.15.1 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked +No Ads)

The InstAddr MOD APK is a highly advanced tool that enables effortless creation of temporary email addresses at no cost, by simply activating it.
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Sep 14, 2023
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The InstAddr MOD APK is a highly advanced tool that enables effortless creation of temporary email addresses at no cost, by simply activating it. By using this application, you can manage multiple email addresses concurrently, serving various needs. It’s worth noting that these email addresses have no expiration date, allowing you to use them indefinitely.


The InstAddr MOD APK serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to safeguard their privacy and maintain the confidentiality of their personal email addresses while engaging in online communication. Additionally, it proves advantageous for those who require the ability to generate temporary email addresses for single-use scenarios or particular needs.

The Instaddr login APK provides a straightforward and efficient solution for handling numerous email addresses while safeguarding your online privacy.

Amazing Emailer App

Here, you can find a variety of practical features within the email application. This application allows you to create temporary email addresses for online verifications, eliminating the need to use your primary email account.

Why You Should Use InstAddr Mod Apk

Thanks to the app’s extensive functionality and seamless integration with the email application, you can effortlessly maximize its features for your benefit.

Premium Features Of InstAddr Mod Apk

Simultaneously Create Your Own Email Addresses

The Instant Email Address modded APK enables users to effortlessly generate new email addresses without any impact on their existing ones. This can be done using either custom characters of your choice or the app’s automatically generated short email addresses.

With the innovative features within the Instaddr Mail Online application, you can simplify the process of remembering addresses. This technology allows you to have multiple email addresses at your disposal, enabling you to use them simultaneously.

Communicate With The Email Address

The InstAddr email address generator application offers various communication features, including composing new messages, responding to messages, forwarding them, and sharing files. Additionally, you have the ability to send messages using the generated email addresses and include attachments with your messages.

Furthermore, the provided addresses are equipped with cutting-edge functionalities that enhance security and dependability. These include SPF, DKIM (sender authentication), and encrypted delivery, which collectively guarantee the safety of your communications and verify the legitimacy of the messages you transmit.

Available Push Notification

The InstAddr app provides a functionality where it can send notifications even when it’s in a deactivated state, keeping you informed about new messages. Additionally, it enables you to receive notifications on other mobile devices and computers.

You can choose between two notification settings: either disabling push notifications completely or allowing them only from specific email addresses. This functionality guarantees that you won’t overlook crucial messages while also granting you the ability to manage how often you get notified.

Permanent Email Addresses

The created addresses will remain functional unless intentionally removed. Even if you switch devices or uninstall the application, these addresses will persist and remain accessible when you log in again. Messages sent and received will be automatically erased after a month, but you have the option to keep them indefinitely by selecting a protective mode for them.

Sync With PC & Other Smartphones

The InstAddr premium APK offers the capability to sync your address book across various devices, such as PCs, Android phones, Kindle Fire, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. This means you can access and use the same address information seamlessly on multiple platforms.

Synchronizing messages is a straightforward process that doesn’t involve any intricate configurations. Simply log in using the automatically generated identification and password, and you’ll have effortless access to your messages on all your devices.


Avoid disclosing vital email details to insecure online platforms or unfamiliar individuals. Instead, consider utilizing disposable email addresses provided by the InstAddr extension APK. Furthermore, the InstAddr extension APK offers a wide array of both basic and advanced features that can serve as substitutes for your typical email services.

What's new

- Supported Android 14.
- Fixed bugs.

Mod Info:

Advertising cut out.
Analytics and metrics have been cut out.
Program language: Russian and English.


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