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InviZible Pro stands as a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to safeguard their internet privacy and security.
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InviZible Pro: Revolutionizing Online Privacy and Security

InviZible Pro InviZible Pro


InviZible Pro is a powerful Android application designed to prioritize your internet privacy and security. It offers an all-in-one solution to keep your online activities private, protect your device from dangerous sites, block intrusive ads, and even access content that might be blocked in your region. With its unique combination of well-known modules like DNSCrypt, Tor, and Purple I2P, InviZible Pro ensures maximum security, anonymity, and a comfortable internet experience.


One of the core modules of InviZible Pro is DNSCrypt, which brings an additional layer of security to your internet connection. By encrypting DNS requests, it ensures that your online activities are shielded from potential eavesdropping and spoofing attacks. DNSCrypt also offers the option to block ads, protect against dangerous and malicious sites, and even filter out “adult” content, depending on the selected DNSCrypt server. This is particularly useful for users who wish to safeguard their browsing experience from intrusive ads and explicit material.

Furthermore, DNSCrypt’s ability to hide visited sites from your internet service provider (ISP) adds an extra level of privacy, preventing them from monitoring your online behavior. Additionally, DNSCrypt helps circumvent certain types of resource blocks, allowing you to access websites that might be restricted in your region. As an open-source solution, DNSCrypt benefits from continuous community-driven development and improvements.


Another vital component of InviZible Pro is Tor, a widely recognized system for anonymizing internet traffic. Tor encrypts your online data and routes it through a network of volunteer-operated servers, making it extremely challenging for anyone to trace your online activities back to your device. This not only enhances your privacy but also prevents sites from blocking your access based on location or IP address.

The anonymity provided by Tor also extends to accessing “onion” sites, which are websites hosted on the Tor network and often offer content not available on the regular internet. This feature allows users to explore a vast array of hidden resources while keeping their identity concealed. Like DNSCrypt, Tor is also open-source, ensuring transparency and security in its implementation.

Purple I2P:

InviZible Pro incorporates Purple I2P, yet another powerful tool to encrypt your internet traffic and grant access to the Invisible Internet and “i2p” sites. Similar to Tor, I2P relies on a decentralized network to maintain user anonymity and protect sensitive information from prying eyes. By leveraging this hidden anonymous network, you can communicate and access content with an added layer of security, making it highly challenging for third parties to intercept or monitor your online interactions.

User-Friendly Experience:

InviZible Pro is designed with user experience in mind, ensuring that even ordinary users can enjoy a safe and comfortable internet surfing experience without the need for technical expertise. Simply activating the three modules – DNSCrypt, Tor, and Purple I2P – transforms you into an almost invisible user, making it difficult for trackers, advertisers, and content blockers to identify and target you. By consolidating various privacy and security features into a single application, InviZible Pro eliminates the need for multiple VPNs and ad-blockers, streamlining your device’s functionality and optimizing performance.

Advanced Customization:

While InviZible Pro caters to casual users with its easy setup and default configurations, it also offers advanced settings for users who prefer more control over their internet connection and application behavior. The application grants access to a plethora of customization options, enabling users to tailor InviZible Pro and its individual modules to meet specific, non-standard requirements. This level of flexibility ensures that the application adapts to diverse user preferences while maintaining its commitment to privacy and security.


InviZible Pro stands as a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to safeguard their internet privacy and security. With its integrated modules, including DNSCrypt, Tor, and Purple I2P, the application empowers users to browse the internet with confidence, free from intrusive advertisements, and shielded from potential online threats. Whether you are an average internet user or a seasoned professional, InviZible Pro provides a seamless experience that prioritizes your anonymity, ensuring you can navigate the digital landscape with peace of mind. Embrace the future of internet privacy and security with InviZible Pro and take back control of your online presence.

What's new

* Updated Tor to version 4.8.5.
* Implemented customizable SNI for Tor connections.
* Using Chromium's TLS fingerprint instead of Firefox's obsolete TLS fingerprint for Tor connections.
* Updated Tor WebTunnel bridge.
* Fixed ANR on Android 4.4.2.
* Fixed requesting new bridges button not responding in rare cases.
* Added Ukrainian translation.

Package Info:

★ Untouched apk with Original Hash Signature
★ Certificate MD5 digest: 73581f657631684ec0311bfea3d28048
★ No changes were applied
➡ Languages: Full Multi Languages
➡ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi


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