LazyBoard – Phrase Keyboard MOD APK (Patched)

LazyBoard is not just a keyboard; it's a word board that empowers you to optimize your productivity and communication.
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Elsayed Hussein
Jul 17, 2023
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LazyBoard: The Ultimate Shortcut Keyboard App for Productivity and Efficiency



LazyBoard is a revolutionary shortcut keyboard app designed to enhance your productivity and streamline your communication by saving and organizing your frequently used text snippets. Whether it’s email templates, canned support replies, fast form completion, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, emojis, hashtags, or any other text you regularly type, LazyBoard lets you access them with just one tap, making repetitive tasks a breeze. With custom folders and quick responses for various aspects of your life, LazyBoard empowers you to respond to customers and friends alike in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it is available in multiple languages, including Spanish and Arabic, catering to a broader user base.


Clipboard Folder: LazyBoard includes a convenient clipboard folder that automatically tracks everything you copy into your device’s clipboard. This feature ensures easy access to your recently copied items, allowing you to paste them quickly wherever you need, saving you time and effort.

Organized Categorization: One of the most powerful features of LazyBoard is its ability to create different folders, each serving a specific purpose. Whether it’s organizing email templates, frequently used chat phrases, important addresses, or any other type of text, LazyBoard lets you categorize them efficiently, streamlining your workflow.

Effortless Communication: With its wide range of applications, LazyBoard is perfect for various scenarios, including professional settings like email templates and canned support replies, as well as personal interactions with fast form completion, emojis, hashtags, and more. This versatility ensures that you can make the most out of LazyBoard in every aspect of your life.

How to Use LazyBoard:

Enabling the LazyBoard Keyboard: Getting started with LazyBoard is simple. First, navigate to your device’s Settings app, then go to General Management, followed by Language and Input. Under On-Screen Keyboard, select Manage Keyboards and enable LazyBoard. Confirm your selection by clicking “Ok,” and now you’re ready to use LazyBoard in any app on your device.

Utilizing LazyBoard Keyboard: Open the LazyBoard app and create new folders, keys, or date and time keys. Folders allow you to organize your phrases effectively, whether it’s grouping email templates, commonly used chat phrases, or anything else that suits your needs. Once you’ve set up your folders, access them easily while using various apps like email clients or messaging platforms and experience the joy of effortless typing with LazyBoard’s intuitive keyboard.

Premium Version:

Unlimited Phrases: By upgrading to the premium version of LazyBoard, you unlock the ability to save an unlimited number of phrases, ensuring that you can store all your essential text snippets without any limitations.

Phrase Management: The premium version of LazyBoard enables you to export, import, and share your saved phrases with friends and colleagues. This collaborative feature promotes seamless communication and consistency in your interactions.

Customization Options: With the premium version, you can add a personal touch to your phrases by customizing their colors. Tailor the appearance of your shortcuts to suit your preferences and make LazyBoard truly your own.


LazyBoard is not just a keyboard; it’s a word board that empowers you to optimize your productivity and communication. With its extensive range of features, including the clipboard folder, organized categorization, and effortless communication, LazyBoard offers unparalleled convenience for users across various scenarios. Whether you need to respond to customers quickly or connect with friends efficiently, LazyBoard’s shortcut keyboard app is your ideal companion.

So, why settle for tedious typing when you can access your frequently used phrases with a single tap? Unlock the full potential of LazyBoard by enabling it in your device’s settings and experience a new level of efficiency in your daily interactions. Upgrade to the premium version to enjoy unlimited phrases, advanced phrase management, and customization options that add a touch of personality to your words. Say goodbye to repetitive typing and embrace the future of efficient communication with LazyBoard.

What's new

- Support Media folder, now you can add photos and use them in LazyBoard keyboard like phrases
- Add Trash folder, now when delete phrases or folders will move to Trash folder, so you can restore them or delete them permanently.
- Add "Put Back button at bottom" setting.
- Add redo button



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