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Photomath breaks down every math problem into simple, easy-to-understand steps so you can really understand core concepts and can answer things confidently.
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March 20, 2020
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Photomath: A Revolutionary App That Solves Math Problems in Seconds

Mathematics is an essential subject that is crucial in many fields, including engineering, science, and technology. Unfortunately, many students find math challenging, and this can hinder their academic progress. Fortunately, the advent of technology has made math more accessible and more enjoyable. Photomath is one of the applications that have revolutionized math learning. In this article, we’ll explore the features, functionality, advantages, limitations, and impact of Photomath on education.

Photomath v8.19.0 (Plus) [Mod] APK 2


Photomath is a free mobile application that solves math problems using a smartphone’s camera. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the problem and provide step-by-step explanations. The app can solve basic arithmetic, algebraic equations, quadratic equations, and calculus problems. It was developed by Photomath, Inc., a Croatian-based company, and was launched in 2014. Since then, it has become a popular tool for students, teachers, and math enthusiasts.

Features of Photomath

Photomath has several features that make it a valuable tool for solving math problems. Here are some of the most notable features:

  1. Equation Solving: Photomath can solve a wide range of equations, from basic arithmetic to calculus. It can solve linear equations, quadratic equations, and systems of equations. It also supports fractional and decimal calculations.
  2. Step-by-step Explanations: Photomath provides detailed explanations of how it solves the problem. This helps students understand the problem-solving process and learn the math concepts behind it.
  3. Graphing: Photomath can graph linear and quadratic equations, giving students a visual representation of the solution.
  4. Handwriting Recognition: Photomath can recognize handwritten math problems, making it easier for students to input problems into the app.
  5. Word Problem Solving: Photomath can solve word problems, which is a common struggle for many students. It can identify key information and translate it into a mathematical equation.

How Photomath Works

Photomath uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze and solve math problems. When a student takes a photo of a problem using the app, the image is sent to the cloud, where it’s processed by the app’s algorithms. The app then provides a step-by-step solution with explanations. The use of cloud-based computing makes the app fast and efficient.

Advantages of Using Photomath

Photomath has several advantages that make it a valuable tool for math learning. Here are some of the most notable advantages:

  1. Accessibility: Photomath is accessible to anyone with a smartphone, making math learning more inclusive and equitable.
  2. Convenience: Photomath saves students time and effort by providing quick solutions to math problems.
  3. Helps Students Understand Math Concepts Better: Photomath’s step-by-step explanations help students understand the math concepts behind the problem-solving process, enabling them to apply those concepts in future problem-solving.
  4. Saves Time: Photomath saves students time by providing quick and accurate solutions, allowing them to focus on other academic pursuits.

Limitations of Photomath

Although Photomath is an excellent tool for math learning, it has some limitations that users should be aware of. Here are some of the most notable limitations:

  1. Overreliance on the App: Photomath can lead to overreliance on the app, which can hinder students’ ability to solve math problems independently.
  2. Accuracy Issues: Photomath may not always provide accurate solutions, especially when there are errors in the input.
  3. Limited to Certain Types of Math Problems: Photomath is limited to certain types of math problems and may not be suitable for advanced

What's new

We update the app regularly to make studying as smooth as possible. Get the latest version which includes bug fixes and general improvements. Get unstuck faster, learn better, and get more time back for the other things in your life!

★★★ MOD ★★★

Received PLUS (the very detailed solutions)
The restriction on launching on emulators has been removed
The work of analytics is blocked, thoroughly
Removed requirement to install Services
Deeply optimized application graphics
Optimized application manifest
Languages: en, de, es, fr, it, pl, pt, pt-BR, ru, uk
Platforms: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a
Signature changed
Total Apk Size: 7.3 MB

Note: Most Textbook solutions are not unlocked as they are server-sided



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