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Pluma is a powerful and user-friendly RSS and news reader designed to provide the best reading experience on Android.
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May 20, 2023
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Pluma: A Comprehensive and Feature-Rich RSS & News Reader for Android

Pluma RSS Reader

Pluma is a powerful and user-friendly RSS and news reader designed to provide the best reading experience on Android. With its extensive range of features, both free and available through a paid upgrade, Pluma aims to revolutionize the way you consume news and stay informed.

Let’s explore the key features in detail:

⦿ Keyword Alerts: Stay Ahead of the News

Pluma RSS reader offers a unique feature called Keyword Alerts. By subscribing to a Google News keyword, you can receive instant notifications whenever a news article related to your chosen keyword is published online. This ensures that you stay up to date with the latest developments on topics that interest you.

⦿ Read Later List: Access News on Your Terms

Pluma allows you to create a Read Later List, where you can save news articles for convenient access when you have the time to catch up. You can also configure individual subscriptions to automatically add new articles to your Read Later List, ensuring you never miss out on important stories.

⦿ Pocket & Instapaper Support: Save Articles for Later

In addition to the built-in Read Later feature, Pluma offers seamless integration with popular services like Pocket and Instapaper. This allows you to save articles directly to your preferred reading platform, giving you more flexibility and customization options.

⦿ RSS Search: Find Any News Topic

If you’re interested in a specific news topic but can’t find it in the predefined categories, Pluma’s built-in RSS search feature comes to the rescue. Simply enter your search query, and Pluma will scour the web to find the news content you’re looking for, expanding your reading options.

⦿ Favorite RSS Feeds: Quick Access to Your Preferred Sources

Pluma enables you to create a list of your favorite RSS feeds for easy access. These feeds are prominently displayed on the home page, allowing you to stay connected with your preferred sources effortlessly. To remove any feed from your favorites, simply long-press on it on the home page.

⦿ Top News Stories: Stay Informed with Trending News

Pluma curates a list of the top 10 trending news stories, ensuring you’re always aware of the latest happenings. This feature provides a quick and concise overview of the most important news, helping you stay informed even when you’re short on time.

⦿ Favorite News Stories: Bookmark Your Must-Read Articles

With Pluma, you can mark news articles as favorites and create a separate list for easy access. Whether it’s an insightful analysis, an engaging feature, or an inspiring story, you can save your favorite news articles and revisit them whenever you want.

⦿ Mute Notifications: Tailor Your News Notifications

Subscribed to numerous RSS feeds but don’t want to be bombarded with notifications? Pluma allows you to mute notifications on a per RSS feed basis. This way, you can customize your news alerts according to your preferences and prioritize the sources that matter most to you.

⦿ Manual RSS Feed: Access Any RSS Feed

If you can’t find the RSS feed you’re looking for in the predefined categories or using the search function, Pluma has you covered. The app lets you add custom RSS feeds using direct links, ensuring that you have access to all the content you desire.

⦿ TTS (Text to Speech) Support: Listen to News on the Go

Pluma also offers Text to Speech (TTS) support, allowing you to listen to articles and news stories while you’re on the move. This feature ensures a convenient and hands-free reading experience, making it ideal for multitasking or for those with visual impairments. Pluma is committed to accessibility, and if you encounter any accessibility issues, the developers are readily available to address them.

But that’s not all! Pluma comes equipped with several other noteworthy features to enhance your news reading experience:

⦿ Dark Mode: Customize Your Reading Environment

Pluma offers a Dark Mode, which provides a visually pleasing and comfortable reading environment, especially in low-light conditions. This feature reduces eye strain and enhances readability, ensuring that you can enjoy your news content without any discomfort.

⦿ AMOLED Mode: Optimize Battery Performance

For devices with AMOLED screens, Pluma introduces an AMOLED Mode. By utilizing black backgrounds and minimizing the use of bright colors, this mode helps conserve battery life, ensuring you can read the news for longer periods without worrying about power consumption.

⦿ Block Images: Streamline Your Reading Experience

Pluma allows you to block images in articles, providing a distraction-free reading experience. By eliminating unnecessary visual elements, you can focus on the content itself, improving readability and reducing data usage.

⦿ Automatic Cache Cleanup: Optimize Storage Usage

To optimize storage usage on your device, Pluma features an automatic cache cleanup mechanism. This ensures that unnecessary data, such as outdated articles and images, is regularly cleared, freeing up space and ensuring smooth app performance.

⦿ OPML Import/Export: Seamlessly Manage Your Feeds

Pluma supports OPML import and export, enabling you to effortlessly manage your RSS feeds. Whether you want to switch devices or backup your subscriptions, this feature simplifies the process, making it convenient to organize and maintain your reading list.

⦿ Theme Customizations: Personalize Your App

Pluma offers theme customizations, allowing you to personalize the app’s appearance to suit your preferences. With various color schemes, font options, and layout configurations, you can create a visually appealing and personalized reading environment.

⦿ Automatic Refresh: Stay Updated in Real-Time

Pluma automatically refreshes your feeds at regular intervals, ensuring that you have access to the latest news content as soon as it’s published. This feature keeps you up to date with real-time information, ensuring you never miss an important story.

⦿ Option to Fetch Full News Stories Automatically: Read Complete Articles

To provide a seamless reading experience, Pluma offers an option to fetch full news stories automatically. This eliminates the need to open external websites or apps to access complete articles, allowing you to consume news content entirely within the Pluma app.

Pluma also integrates with Inoreader, allowing you to log in to your Inoreader account and enjoy the benefits of Pluma with your existing Inoreader subscriptions. This integration ensures a seamless transition for users who are already familiar with Inoreader’s features and functionality.

In conclusion,

Pluma sets a new standard for RSS and news readers on Android. With its extensive feature set, including keyword alerts, read later list, Pocket and Instapaper support, RSS search, favorite RSS feeds, top news stories, favorite news stories, keyword filters, and Inoreader integration, Pluma offers a comprehensive and customizable news reading experience. Additionally, its accessibility features, TTS support, and customization options such as dark mode, AMOLED mode, and theme customizations make it a versatile and user-friendly app. Stay informed, stay connected, and enjoy the best reading experience with Pluma RSS & News Reader on your Android device.

What's new

● Fixed app not being able to load full articles from Google News.
● Fixed read progress not showing up.


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