Samsung Good Lock MOD APK (Patched)
Samsung's Good Lock presents a paradigm shift in how we interact with our smartphones.
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Samsung Good Lock MOD APK

Samsung Good Lock Samsung Good Lock

Revolutionize Your Lock Screen and Notification Experience with Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Samsung continues to push boundaries with its innovative solutions. One such remarkable addition to its user interface is the Good Lock add-on, which brings an advanced level of customization and functionality to Samsung smartphones. In this article, we will explore the transformative capabilities of Good Lock, focusing on its ability to replace the lock screen and redefine the notification curtains, making your daily interactions with your device smoother and more efficient.

Unveiling the Power of Good Lock: A Comprehensive Overview

Good Lock emerges as a powerful tool that empowers users to take control of their smartphone experience like never before. Beyond its initial appeal, it showcases an array of features that elevate your interaction with the device. One standout feature is its advanced lock screen, which not only exudes elegance but also offers a plethora of functionalities that go beyond the conventional.

Elevating Your Lock Screen Experience

Good Lock introduces a refreshing approach to the lock screen by incorporating widgets that provide instant access to essential information and applications. These widgets serve as dynamic snippets of information, ensuring you remain updated with crucial details without even unlocking your device. From weather updates to calendar events, and even quick app shortcuts, these widgets redefine convenience.

A Glimpse into the Application Menu Revolution

Delving deeper, Good Lock introduces an innovative application menu that revolutionizes how users access their most frequently used programs. This menu acts as a central hub, granting quick and intuitive access to the applications that matter most to you. The seamless integration of this feature into the user interface streamlines navigation, saving valuable time and effort.

Mastering Notifications with Unprecedented Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most notable transformations brought about by Good Lock is the reimagination of the notification curtain. In this domain, Good Lock takes customization and organization to a new level, allowing users to group incoming messages and notifications into folders. This groundbreaking feature ensures that your notifications are neatly organized, enhancing both clarity and efficiency.

Swipe Left to Declutter, Swipe Right to Organize

Good Lock empowers users with intuitive gestures to manage their notifications effortlessly. A simple swipe to the left swiftly removes a notification from the lock screen, providing an uncluttered interface and allowing you to focus on what matters in the moment. On the other hand, a similar gesture in the opposite direction works like magic, instantly categorizing a notification into its corresponding folder. This ingenious system enables you to peruse through notifications at your convenience, ensuring no important information slips through the cracks.

A Glimpse into the Future: Revamped Application Curtain and Menu

Good Lock’s innovation extends even to the realm of recently opened applications. This add-on subtly enhances the application curtain and menu, creating a seamless and visually pleasing experience when multitasking. Navigating between recent applications becomes a breeze, and the overall interface boasts a more cohesive and modern look.


Samsung’s Good Lock presents a paradigm shift in how we interact with our smartphones. Its ability to replace the lock screen and redefine the notification curtains reflects a commitment to user convenience and personalization. As we embrace the future of smartphone technology, Good Lock stands as a shining example of how innovation can empower us to wield greater control over our devices, making each interaction a seamless and delightful experience.

What's new

- some bug fixes.

Mod Info:

– Patched – Region off
– Version number changed to v9.2.04.63


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