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Screenshot Touch is a smartphone app that allows users to create snapshots of entire websites as they appear on their screens.
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March 30, 2020
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Screenshot Touch is a smartphone app that allows users to create snapshots of entire websites as they appear on their screens. With this app, users can capture their smartphone screens through various methods such as notification area, overlay icon, and shaking the device. Additionally, Screenshot Touch provides users with the ability to record video cast of their screens to mp4, crop and draw on the captured images, and share them with other apps. This article will elaborate on the features of Screenshot Touch and provide a comprehensive guide on how to use the app effectively.

Screenshot touch

Basic Features:

One of the most basic features of Screenshot Touch is the capture by touch feature that allows users to capture their screens through various methods. Users can capture their screens by using the notification area, overlay icon, or by shaking their devices. These methods make it easy for users to capture their screens at any time, regardless of what they are doing.

Another basic feature of Screenshot Touch is the ability to record video casts of screens to mp4 files. With this feature, users can record their screen activity in real-time and save it as a video file. Users can also customize the video recording settings by selecting the resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and audio settings.

Screenshot Touch also provides users with a web page whole scroll capture feature. With this feature, users can capture an entire webpage by scrolling through it. This feature is especially useful for capturing long web pages that cannot fit on the screen. The app provides two ways to scroll capture; the first method is by sharing the URL in a web browser and selecting Screenshot Touch. The second method is by calling the in-app browser directly by pressing the globe icon on the settings page.

The app also features a photo viewer, image cropper that allows users to crop images to a desired ratio and rotate them. Users can also draw on the captured image using tools such as Pen, Text, Rectangle, Circle, Stamp, Opacity, and others. Finally, users can share their screenshots to other installed apps, giving them greater control over the use of their screenshots.

Dynamic Features:

Screenshot Touch provides users with a range of dynamic features that allow them to customize their screenshots and enhance their experience. For example, users can choose the save directory, optional subfolders, file format, JPEG quality, capture delay, and so on. These features give users greater control over how their screenshots are captured and saved.

The app also features a persistent notification that can be enabled or disabled as per the user’s preference. When enabled, the notification remains present, making it easier for users to access Screenshot Touch at any time.

Another dynamic feature of Screenshot Touch is the multiple saving folders option. This feature allows users to create subfolders to organize their screenshots better. By categorizing their screenshots in this way, users can group their screenshots and avoid having to use a file manager afterward. For example, users can create separate folders for their Facebook screenshots, app screenshots, game screenshots, and so on.


While Screenshot Touch is a powerful app that offers many useful features, there are some limitations users should be aware of. For example, the app is unable to capture secure pages that have LayoutParams.FLAG_SECURE option. This limitation means that users cannot capture screenshots of banking apps or any other app that has this option enabled.

Another limitation of Screenshot Touch is that the Media Projection Service is an Android OS function for sharing screen activity. The screen capture function uses this service, so a confirmation window is displayed to obtain user consent.

Ads and Purchasing:

Screenshot Touch is a free app that contains advertisements. However, the app does not display annoying full-screen ads. Users can also make in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock full multiple saving folders and settings-backup/restore feature (Google Drive).

What's new

- Added share button on crop page and drawing page.
- Minor improvements

Mod Info:

PREMIUM Unlocked
Ads Removed
Analytics Removed
Trash Removed
Optimized resources

Languages: ‘en’ ‘ar’ ‘de’ ‘es’ ‘ko’ ‘ru’ ‘ru-RU’ ‘tr’
Architectures: Universal


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