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Swiftly Switch is an advanced edge app that significantly enhances your Android experience by providing efficient one-handed usability and fast multitasking capabilities.
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February 29, 2020
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Swiftly switch


Swiftly Switch is an innovative edge app designed to optimize your Android experience by enabling one-handed usage and enhancing multitasking capabilities. With its user-friendly interface and efficient performance, Swiftly Switch revolutionizes the way you interact with your Android device. This comprehensive article will delve into the various features and benefits that Swiftly Switch offers, highlighting its versatility and customization options.

Recent Apps Switcher:

One of the key functionalities of Swiftly Switch is the recent apps switcher. It allows you to conveniently organize your recently used applications in a floating circle sidebar, enabling you to switch between them effortlessly with a simple swipe from the trigger screen’s edge zone. By providing quick access to your most frequently used apps, Swiftly Switch streamlines multitasking and eliminates the need for cumbersome navigation through traditional methods.

Quick Actions:

Swiftly Switch introduces an array of quick actions that significantly enhance your interaction with your Android device. By performing a deeper swipe in a rightward direction, you can access useful shortcuts such as pulling down the notification shade, switching to the last app, navigating back, or opening the Grid Favorites section. These quick actions provide seamless access to commonly used functions, saving you time and effort while navigating through your device’s interface.

Grid Favorites:

With the Grid Favorites feature, Swiftly Switch offers a convenient side panel where you can place your favorite apps, shortcuts, quick settings, and contacts. This panel is accessible from any screen, eliminating the need to clutter your home screen with numerous app icons. By centralizing your frequently accessed functions and content, Grid Favorites ensures that your most important tools are always within reach, enhancing your overall Android experience.

Circle Favorites:

In addition to the recent apps switcher and Grid Favorites, Swiftly Switch provides a Circle Favorites section. Similar to the recent apps switcher, Circle Favorites allows you to access your favorite shortcuts with a simple swipe. By configuring this feature to your preferences, you can seamlessly navigate through your preferred functions and applications, making multitasking more efficient and enjoyable.

Why Swiftly Switch Makes Your Android Experience Better: Swiftly Switch offers several distinct advantages that significantly enhance your Android experience. Firstly, it enables effortless one-handed usability, eliminating the need to stretch your fingers to access the back button, recent apps, toggle quick settings, or pull down the notification shade. This aspect is particularly beneficial for larger devices, where reaching certain areas of the screen may be challenging.

Furthermore, Swiftly Switch facilitates fast multitasking by providing quick access to recent apps and the last used app with a single swipe. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for cumbersome navigation through menus or the home screen, offering the fastest possible way to switch between applications.

Moreover, Swiftly Switch helps you declutter your home screen by allowing you to access your favorite apps and shortcuts from anywhere on your device. By centralizing your most frequently used functions in the Grid Favorites and Circle Favorites sections, you can maintain a clean and organized home screen while enjoying swift access to essential tools.

Swiftly Switch places a strong emphasis on user experience by providing an ad-free environment and ensuring the app’s performance is fast, intuitive, and visually appealing. The high level of customization options available allows users to tailor the app to their specific preferences, from adjusting the position and sensitivity of the edge screen’s trigger zone to customizing icon size, animation, background color, haptic feedback, and more. This level of customization ensures a personalized experience that aligns with individual user preferences.

Pro Version Features:

For users seeking an even more enhanced experience, Swiftly Switch offers a Pro version with additional features. Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks the second edge, allowing for increased accessibility and customization options. Users can customize the columns and rows count of the Grid Favorites, offering greater flexibility and organization. Additionally, the Pro version enables pinning favorite shortcuts to the Recent Apps section, further streamlining access to frequently used functions. Lastly, the Pro version includes an option to automatically disable Swiftly Switch when using full-screen applications, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Permissions Required by Swiftly Switch and Their Purpose:

Swiftly Switch requires certain permissions to provide its full range of features effectively. These permissions are requested for specific purposes:

  • Draw over other apps: This permission is necessary to enable the floating window support, which is required to display the circle, side panel, and other UI elements of Swiftly Switch.
  • Apps usage: Swiftly Switch requests access to apps usage data to retrieve information about your recent apps, enabling the efficient functioning of the recent apps switcher.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility permission is used to perform actions such as navigating back, accessing the power menu, and pulling down the notification shade on select Samsung devices. These actions enhance user convenience and accessibility.
  • Device Administration: This permission is required to enable the “Screen Lock” shortcut, allowing Swiftly Switch to lock your phone by turning off the screen.
  • Contact and Phone: Swiftly Switch requests permission to access contacts and phone functions to facilitate the usage of contact shortcuts, ensuring seamless communication with your contacts directly from the app.
  • Camera: The camera permission is utilized to enable the flashlight toggle function for devices running Android versions below 6.0. This feature allows users to easily control the device’s flashlight without navigating through multiple menus.


Swiftly Switch is an advanced edge app that significantly enhances your Android experience by providing efficient one-handed usability and fast multitasking capabilities. With its recent apps switcher, quick actions, Grid Favorites, and Circle Favorites, Swiftly Switch offers a comprehensive solution for accessing your favorite apps, shortcuts, and settings from any screen on your device. The app’s high level of customization ensures a personalized experience that caters to individual preferences, while the Pro version unlocks additional features for an even more enhanced user experience. Download Swiftly Switch now and elevate your Android experience to new heights.

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➡ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi



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