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TurboTel Pro stands as an exceptional unofficial messaging app that leverages the power of Telegram's API to provide users with a feature-rich and highly customizable messaging experience.
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Aug 19, 2022
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TurboTel Pro: The Ultimate Unofficial Messaging App Enhancing Your Telegram Experience

TurboTel Pro

TurboTel Pro revolutionizes the way you interact with Telegram by providing a turbo-charged user interface coupled with an extensive array of powerful features. Leveraging Telegram’s API, TurboTel Pro elevates your messaging experience to new heights, offering unparalleled customization and enhanced functionality. Let’s delve into the wealth of features that make TurboTel Pro the go-to messaging app for Telegram enthusiasts.

Turbo User Interface: Aesthetic Appeal and Intuitive Navigation

With TurboTel Pro, you’ll be greeted by a visually stunning user interface that combines modern design elements with a seamless navigation experience. The app’s sleek and intuitive interface ensures that you can effortlessly access all its features while enjoying a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Advanced Filter Settings: Tailoring Your Messaging Experience

TurboTel Pro empowers you to take control of your messaging environment through a myriad of filter settings. Customize tabs and effortlessly manage your chats by sorting, hiding, and even turning off accounts as per your preferences. This level of flexibility allows you to curate your messaging experience with utmost precision.

Special Contacts: Stay Connected with Priority Individuals

TurboTel Pro recognizes the importance of certain contacts in your life. With the special contacts feature, you can designate priority individuals and receive instant notifications for their activities. Stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, or important groups, ensuring you never miss out on vital conversations or updates.

Tracking Contacts’ Changes: Real-Time Updates at Your Fingertips

Stay in the loop with TurboTel Pro’s innovative contact tracking feature. Receive timely notifications whenever contacts make changes to their profiles, ensuring you are always up to date with their latest information, such as profile pictures, usernames, or status updates. Stay connected with your network effortlessly and stay informed about any modifications made by your contacts.

Efficient Download Manager: Seamlessly Manage Your Downloads

TurboTel Pro offers an integrated download manager that streamlines your download process. Whether it’s media files, documents, or other attachments, the app provides a convenient interface to organize and manage all your downloads efficiently. Say goodbye to cluttered storage and enjoy a well-organized collection of your downloaded files.

Bookmark Messages: Easy Access to Important Information

Never lose track of important conversations or essential information again with TurboTel Pro’s bookmarking feature. Simply bookmark messages, chats, or media that hold significance, and effortlessly access them whenever you need them. This feature is ideal for saving important links, addresses, or any other crucial details that you may need to refer to later.

Instant Jump to First Message: Navigating Conversations Made Effortless

With TurboTel Pro, navigating lengthy chat histories becomes a breeze. The app allows you to instantly jump to the first message in a chat, saving you time and effort scrolling through numerous conversations. Whether you need to review past discussions or relive cherished memories, this feature ensures quick access to the earliest moments of any conversation.

Secure and Hidden Chats: Safeguarding Your Privacy

TurboTel Pro understands the need for privacy and provides advanced security features to protect your sensitive conversations. You can lock and hide chats within the app, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access them. This added layer of privacy safeguards your personal and confidential information from prying eyes.

Lock Sending: Prevent Unintentional Message Delivery

To prevent accidental message sending, TurboTel Pro offers a lock sending feature. You can enable this option to add an extra confirmation step before sending messages, ensuring that your important or sensitive messages are delivered precisely when you intend them to be.

Individual Chat Backgrounds: Personalize Your Conversations

Add a touch of personality to your chats with TurboTel Pro’s individual chat background feature. Customize the background of each chat individually, allowing you to create a unique and visually appealing environment that matches your personal style or mood. Immerse yourself in a personalized messaging experience with a diverse range of background options.

Forwarding Messages Without Quoting: Streamline Communication

TurboTel Pro simplifies message forwarding by enabling you to forward messages without including the original quote. This streamlined forwarding option allows you to share content more efficiently, eliminating unnecessary clutter and ensuring clear and concise communication with your contacts.

Confirmation for Sending and Forwarding: Enhanced Control Over Messages

To provide you with greater control over your messages, TurboTel Pro introduces confirmation prompts for sending and forwarding content. This feature adds an additional layer of assurance, allowing you to review and confirm your message before it is sent or forwarded, preventing any unintended actions.

Telegram Call Confirmation: Making Informed Calling Decisions

With TurboTel Pro, you can make more informed calling decisions through its confirmation feature. Before initiating a Telegram call, the app prompts you to confirm the action, preventing accidental calls and ensuring that your communication efforts are intentional and purposeful.

Edit and Repost: Pre-Editing Forwarded Messages

TurboTel Pro introduces the innovative “Edit and Repost” feature, enabling you to pre-edit messages before reposting them. This functionality allows you to tailor the content, add your own commentary, or make any necessary modifications, providing a more personalized and engaging experience when sharing messages with your contacts.

Expressive Painting Option: Unleash Your Creativity

Inject creativity into your conversations with TurboTel Pro’s painting option. This unique feature allows you to create and send hand-drawn sketches or artwork directly within the app. Unleash your artistic side, elevate your messaging experience, and bring a personal touch to your interactions.

Convert Photos to Stickers: Personalized Visual Expression

TurboTel Pro provides the ability to convert your favorite photos into stickers, offering a more personalized and expressive form of visual communication. Transform cherished memories or memorable moments into stickers, allowing you to convey emotions and experiences in a truly unique and engaging manner.

Round Video Conversion: Enhancing Video Experiences

With TurboTel Pro’s round video conversion feature, you can transform regular videos into captivating round videos. This creative enhancement adds a distinctive visual appeal to your video content, making your shared videos stand out and captivating your audience.

Voice Changer: Fun and Engaging Audio Alteration

Unleash your creativity and have fun during voice calls with TurboTel Pro’s voice changer feature. Experiment with different voice effects, adding an element of amusement and entertainment to your conversations. Surprise your friends with altered voices or create memorable moments with this exciting feature.

Selective Text Copying: Extracting Relevant Information

TurboTel Pro enables you to selectively copy specific parts of text messages. Instead of copying the entire message, you can choose to extract and share only the relevant information, streamlining your communication process and enhancing the efficiency of information sharing.

Multi-Account Support: Juggle Multiple Telegram Accounts

With TurboTel Pro, you can effortlessly manage and switch between up to 10 Telegram accounts within a single app. This feature caters to users who maintain multiple accounts for personal, professional, or organizational purposes, offering a convenient and streamlined solution to handle all your messaging needs.

Storage Settings Galore: Tailor Your Storage Preferences

TurboTel Pro understands the importance of storage optimization and provides a multitude of settings to help you manage your storage efficiently. From specifying the default download location to setting storage limits, the app empowers you to tailor your storage preferences and ensure a clutter-free messaging experience.

Toast Notifications for Contact Activities: Real-Time Updates

Stay informed about the activities of your contacts with TurboTel Pro’s toast notifications. Receive instant notifications whenever your contacts engage in conversations, ensuring you never miss important messages or updates. Stay connected with your network effortlessly and respond promptly to any developments.

With its extensive range of features and a commitment to enhancing your Telegram experience, TurboTel Pro is the ultimate unofficial messaging app. Enjoy a turbo-charged user interface, unprecedented customization options, and a wealth of innovative functionalities that will transform the way you connect and communicate with others on Telegram. Elevate your messaging experience with TurboTel Pro and unlock a world of possibilities.


TurboTel Pro stands as an exceptional unofficial messaging app that leverages the power of Telegram’s API to provide users with a feature-rich and highly customizable messaging experience. From its sleek and intuitive turbo user interface to its extensive range of settings, TurboTel Pro puts you in control, allowing you to tailor your messaging environment to suit your preferences.

What's new

Bug fixes and other improvements

Mod Info:

Removed ads
Removed analytics
Removed sponsored ads
Hidden sponsor channel from proxy
Garbage removed (evaluation, etc.)
.webpack features unlocked
Splashscreen made black
Hidden notice about Services
Left Russian translation selected by the developer
Optimized resources
Languages: ‘en’ ‘ar’ ‘de’ ‘es’ ‘fa’ ‘fr’ ‘in’ ‘it’ ‘pt-BR’ ‘ru’ ‘tr’ ‘uz’

Starting from version 6.3.0, the developer changed the name of the package, so if you already have TurboTel version 6.2.2 and below installed, then the new one will be installed side by side, but not on top.


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