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VOA Learning English Application offers an exceptional platform for individuals seeking to enhance their English language skills.
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May 5, 2023
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Learning English with the Exceptional VOA Learning English Application and VOA News

VOA Learning English


The VOA Learning English Application is an incredible tool that facilitates English language learning through a combination of vocabulary, listening exercises, comprehension lessons, and interactive activities. With daily updates from VOA News, learners can engage with authentic content while improving their language skills. This comprehensive app offers English content at various levels and categories, catering to learners with different proficiency levels. Formerly known as VOA Special English or VOA Learning English Podcasts, the VOA Learning English platform has garnered a significant number of positive comments and feedback from its users.

Enhancing Language Proficiency:

The key to mastering a foreign language lies in consistent practice. The VOA Learning English Application encourages learners to engage with English regularly by providing daily updates filled with informative lessons, transcripts, and articles. By immersing oneself in the app’s content, learners can witness their English skills improve over time.

Key Features for Effective Language Learning:

  1. Practice English Listening with VOA Radio, English Videos, and Podcasts: The app offers a range of listening materials, including VOA Radio broadcasts, English videos, and podcasts. Learners can tune in to these resources to improve their listening skills while exposing themselves to diverse topics and accents.
  2. Extensive Collection of Articles and Videos from VOA News and VOA Learning English: With over 17,000 articles and 4,000 videos, the app provides a vast collection of authentic content from VOA News and VOA Learning English. Learners can explore various subjects, stay updated on current events, and delve into topics that pique their interest, all while enhancing their language proficiency.
  3. English Vocabulary Highlighting for Accelerated Learning: The app incorporates an English vocabulary highlighting feature that enables learners to grasp new words more efficiently. By highlighting unfamiliar words, learners can focus on expanding their vocabulary and potentially learn new terms four to five times faster.
  4. Transcript Tracking for Enhanced Comprehension: To facilitate comprehension and reinforce listening skills, the app offers transcript tracking. This feature automatically highlights the contents of the listening track and scrolls along with the audio. Learners can follow the transcript while listening, ensuring they grasp the information accurately.
  5. Customizable Listening Experience: The app allows users to personalize their listening experience by customizing the speed of playback and enabling automatic repetition. Learners can adjust the settings according to their preferences, promoting a tailored and effective learning journey.
  6. Customizable Reading Experience: Recognizing that reading is an integral part of language learning, the app offers a customizable reading experience. Users can adjust the background color, font color, and font size to create a comfortable reading environment that suits their individual needs.

Additional Features to Support Language Learning:

  1. Designed for TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC Preparation: The app caters to learners preparing for standardized English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC. It provides targeted materials and resources to assist learners in honing the specific skills required for these exams.
  2. Extensive Vocabulary Resources: With an array of vocabulary resources, including 4000 IELTS Vocabulary words, 1000 TOEIC Vocabulary words, 5000 TOEFL Vocabulary words, and 3000 Common English Words, the app equips learners with the necessary tools to expand their lexical repertoire.
  3. Listen and Read Lessons with Audio and Transcripts: The app offers interactive “Listen and Read” lessons that combine audio recordings with accompanying transcripts. Learners can enhance their listening, reading, and comprehension skills by following along with the audio while reading the text.
  4. Dictionary and Translation Services: To aid comprehension, the app integrates a dictionary and English translation service. Learners can easily access word definitions and translations while reading articles, allowing them to clarify any uncertainties and deepen their understanding.
  5. Multiple Language Translations: In addition to English, the app supports translation services for other languages. Learners can access English to Urdu, English to Hindi, English to Vietnamese, and English to other languages, expanding its accessibility to a wider range of users.

VOA Learning English Content at Different Proficiency Levels:

  1. VOA Learning English Beginning Level:
  • “Let’s Learn English – Level 1” and “Let’s Learn English – Level 2” provide introductory lessons for English learners.
  • “How to Pronounce” offers guidance on correct pronunciation.
  • “Ask a Teacher” allows learners to seek clarification and ask questions.
  • “News Words” introduces vocabulary through news-related terms.
  1. VOA Learning English Intermediate Level:
  • “Health & Lifestyle” covers topics related to well-being and everyday life.
  • “Science & Technology” explores scientific advancements and technological innovations.
  • “Arts & Culture” delves into the world of arts, literature, and cultural phenomena.
  • “As It Is” presents in-depth reports on various subjects.
  • “English in a Minute” offers quick and insightful English language lessons.
  • “English @ the Movies” analyzes English expressions used in movies.
  • “Everyday Grammar TV” provides grammar explanations in an engaging format.
  • “Learning English TV” offers a range of instructional videos for language learners.
  1. VOA Learning English Advanced Level:
  • “Education” focuses on educational topics and issues.
  • “Everyday Grammar” delves deeper into grammar concepts.
  • “American Stories” presents captivating stories from American literature.
  • “Words & Their Stories” explores idiomatic expressions and their origins.
  • “Let’s Teach English” provides resources and guidance for English teachers.
  • “America’s National Parks” showcases the beauty and significance of U.S. national parks.
  • “America’s Presidents” delves into the lives and legacies of U.S. presidents.
  • “U.S. History” offers insights into American history and its key events.
  • “People In America” features profiles of notable individuals in American society.
  • “Business” covers topics related to the business world and entrepreneurship.
  • “Talk2Us” encourages listeners to engage in conversation and share their opinions.


It is important to note that this application is not the official app from VOA Learning English. However, it provides a convenient and efficient way to access the learning materials offered by VOA Learning English through their public domain contents available on


VOA Learning English Application offers an exceptional platform for individuals seeking to enhance their English language skills. With its comprehensive features, personalized learning experience, and extensive content collection, learners can engage with authentic materials, improve their language proficiency, and embark on a successful language learning journey.

What's new

Best VOA learning English application update with following features:
- *** Adding sentence translation feature ***
- Adding Loop over article in article setting panel
- Adding auto move to next article after finish
- Update more article/videos everyday



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