XBrowser – Super fast and Powerful v4.2.0 build 769 MOD APK

XBrowser is the ultimate lightweight and powerful web browser you've been waiting for.
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XBrowser – Super fast and Powerful MOD APK


XBrowser is a revolutionary web browsing tool that offers a comprehensive and powerful browsing experience while maintaining an incredibly tiny size of less than 1M. By eliminating unnecessary functions, XBrowser becomes the epitome of a mini web browser with maximum efficiency. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible features and capabilities that XBrowser brings to the table.

Super Fast:

Experience lightning-fast browsing speeds with XBrowser. Thanks to its excellent optimization strategies, this browser ensures that your web pages load swiftly, providing you with an unparalleled browsing experience. Say goodbye to frustrating loading times and embrace the speed of XBrowser.

Tiny Size:

XBrowser defies expectations by offering a browsing experience that goes beyond its miniature size. With a file size of less than 1M, this browser proves that big things can indeed come in small packages. Enjoy the power and versatility of a full-fledged web browser without sacrificing valuable storage space on your device.

Powerful Ad-Block:

Tired of intrusive ads disrupting your browsing experience? XBrowser comes equipped with a robust ad-blocking feature that allows you to mark web elements as ads. Once marked, these elements will be blocked during subsequent visits, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable browsing session. XBrowser is also compatible with some ABP (Adblock Plus) rules, further enhancing its ad-blocking capabilities.

Intelligent Search:

XBrowser simplifies your web searches with its intelligent auto-fill feature. When you start typing a website URL, this feature automatically adds web suffixes, making it easier than ever to visit any website you desire. With smart recommendations and intelligent hot words, XBrowser acts as your trusty assistant, streamlining the search process and delivering relevant results.

Support Download Instagram Photos:

XBrowser goes the extra mile by allowing you to download Instagram photos directly from the browser. No need for third-party applications or complicated workarounds. With XBrowser, you can effortlessly save your favorite Instagram pictures for offline viewing or sharing.

Offline Reading:

Sometimes, you come across an interesting article or webpage but don’t have access to the internet. XBrowser solves this problem by providing offline reading capabilities. Simply save the webpage and access it later, even without an internet connection. Now you can stay informed and entertained wherever you are.

Night Mode:

XBrowser values your eye health and understands the importance of comfortable browsing in dimly lit environments. With the built-in Night Mode, XBrowser adjusts the color scheme of web pages, reducing eye strain and making your browsing experience more pleasant during nighttime or low-light situations.

Few Background Permission Requests:

At XBrowser, your privacy and security are of utmost importance. Unlike other browsers that demand excessive background permissions, XBrowser takes a minimalistic approach. It requests the least number of background permissions from your mobile device, ensuring your data remains protected and your privacy intact.

Humanized Browsing Experience:

XBrowser is designed with user convenience in mind. Slightly pull up to enter full-screen mode, immersing yourself in the web content without distractions. Conversely, pull down to invoke the search box, enabling quick and effortless searches. XBrowser’s intuitive gestures and straightforward interface guarantee a simple and seamless full-screen browsing experience.


XBrowser is the ultimate lightweight and powerful web browser you’ve been waiting for. With its impressive speed, tiny size, powerful ad-blocking, intelligent search, support for downloading Instagram photos, offline reading capabilities, night mode, minimal background permissions, and user-friendly design, XBrowser surpasses all expectations. Embrace the future of browsing with XBrowser and unlock a world of possibilities at your fingertips.

What's new

## New additions and optimizations
- Updated Android target platform API to version 33.
- Refactoring of autofill and password management functions.
- Supports multiple usernames and passwords for each primary domain name.
- Support username and password management for each site.
- Support import/export list of Chrome usernames and passwords.
- Supports automatic filling of information such as address, mobile number, email address, etc. on web pages.
- Support for auto-filling credit card number information on web pages.

- Optimize the browser home page and solve the problem of flickering of the search drop-down page on the home page.
- Added a new setting option (Browser Settings>General Settings>Disable full screen video mode with forced horizontal screen)
- Added a new setting option (Browser Settings>Gesture Settings>Disable gestures in full-screen video).
- The strong blocking policy supports specifying specific domain names [strict blocking mode and rules] (
- Added support for XPlayer-Universal Player to the screen casting interface [How to stream video to other devices] (
## Error correction
- Fixed compatibility issues with some Grease Monkey scripts.
- Fixed an issue that some interception rules could not be recognized properly and were inconsistent.
- Fixed an issue where sniffing videos could not be loaded in some cases.

★★★ MOD ★★★

– Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Lithuanian, German, Chinese
– Removed analytics, debug information
– After the exit does not hang in active processes


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