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YouCut is a video editing tool designed primarily for trimming and combining video clips, enabling users to create seamless and polished videos. Its core function revolves around simplifying the process of joining multiple videos together.
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Sep 22, 2023
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YouCut is a video editing tool designed primarily for trimming and combining video clips, enabling users to create seamless and polished videos. Its core function revolves around simplifying the process of joining multiple videos together. Additionally, users have access to a range of effects to enhance their videos, making it possible to create captivating highlights for the entire video or its specific content. Furthermore, the app prides itself on delivering an exceptional user experience, offering various customization options to cater to all aspects of video creation and editing.



YouCut makes a strong initial impression with its array of video editing tools and related features. Its primary goal is to enable users to trim videos with precision and efficiency while offering multiple layers of protection to prevent errors during the editing process. What sets this application apart is its seamless integration of adaptable AI technologies, which simplifies and enhances the video cutting, merging, and content creation processes.

Its toolbox extends beyond simply cropping images; it can also seamlessly merge multiple elements or components, enhancing the vibrancy and immersion of video segments. Moreover, numerous advanced features are available to enhance the quality and precision of video stitching. Additionally, certain cutting effects can be automatically edited or restored during the process, streamlining the workflow and saving users valuable time.


YouCut doesn’t just limit itself to video cutting and merging; it also offers users a rich collection of dynamic effects to unlock the full potential of their videos. These effects are finely crafted and visually appealing, and they can be blended together for enhanced results. The app intelligently applies these effects to the appropriate sections, assisting users in enhancing their video presentations.

In addition to their impact on visual effects, filters offer significant potential for altering the color scheme and overall ambiance of a video, enhancing its expressiveness and enriching it with various styles. Some distinctive filters can add an element of amusement and allure to specific image elements, resulting in captivating and memorable video moments. By experimenting with different filter combinations, users can harness the power of filters to craft exceptionally distinctive and visually appealing videos.


In addition to its high-quality image editing capabilities, YouCut offers a diverse audio library that allows users to enhance their videos. This audio collection includes free resources, and users can take advantage of the sync feature to seamlessly align images and sounds, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The app also provides various convenient tools to greatly enhance the audio quality of videos, ensuring users achieve the best results possible.


YouCut is already an impressive video editing tool, thanks to its built-in features. However, it goes a step further by offering additional capabilities such as after effects, background alteration, speed control, text overlays, and more. Each of these features offers a rich and diverse range of options for users to explore, and they can be extensively customized to empower users in improving their video quality as they see fit. Moreover, the app commits to providing regular updates with fresh features, constantly expanding users’ creative possibilities in the video editing journey.

YouCut stands out as an exceptional and multifunctional app, brimming with an array of features and ample options for customization, providing users with an ever-expanding toolkit for their creative endeavors. It proves invaluable in assisting users with tasks like video trimming and post-editing enhancements, ultimately revolutionizing the video editing landscape for a broader audience.


Enhancing the engagement of a video can be achieved through skillful sound editing. Our application offers a range of professional tools to accomplish this effectively. The system provides an extensive library of sounds that can be easily browsed with visual themes like love, life, and more. Moreover, you can expand your personal audio collection by extracting sounds from your device and seamlessly integrating them into the app. Additionally, our app supports the inclusion of a metronome, which can be adjusted to your preference when applying or editing sounds in your video.


YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are excellent platforms for sharing videos that capture everyday life moments. To enhance your videos, the YouCut video editing tool offers support for adding text. This feature includes a variety of alphabet styles with accompanying effects and various fonts to choose from. Generating text overlays is a simple process thanks to the user-friendly virtual keyboard. Additionally, this latest version of YouCut introduces dynamic stickers that are colorful and allow you to set their appearance and disappearance times to create engaging video content.


YouCut aims to provide users with a top-tier selection of video editing features, ensuring a satisfying editing experience. Your editing session concludes whenever you wish, and the resulting video consistently maintains the highest image quality format. Moreover, the export process is notably speedy, complemented by a convenient panel for swift sharing across numerous social networks. Give this exceptional video editing tool a try, and remember to share your feedback with us in the form of a review!

What's new

* Support Dark Mode
* New Vintage Filters
* New Comic Effects
* Bug fixes and other improvements

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Mod Info:

◉ Pro / Paid Features Unlocked
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ Original Signature Changed
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