Skvalex Call Recorder v3.1.8 [Patched] APK

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Skvalex Call Recorder v3.1.8 [Patched] APK 2

Skvalex Call Recorder is intended for automatic call recording. The app provides functionality to record both sides on devices with such support. But some devices don’t have 2-way call recording support, or have issues with Bluetooth recording.

Also, the app provides wide functionality to manage recordings:
– Search recordings
– Conversion from one format to another (e.g WAV to FLAC/OPUS/MP3/etc.)
– Adding notes to recorded files
– In-call control button while call recording: you can easily start/stop recording during a call
– Enter to the app using password (or fingerprint)
– Auto clean-up – automatically removes old recordings according to rules set by you. Starred recordings ignored.
– Exceptions: you may set up phone numbers, contacts or groups for specific actions, like always record or do not
– Filename template: you can easily change structure of created files
– Cloud backup support
– Playback recording over main speaker or handset speaker
– Access recording from within contact info
– Call confirm: the app will ask you whether you want to make a call or not
– After call actions dialog: the app will ask what to do with a recorded call
– Vibrate on call start/end

What’s the difference between this version (3.1. 8 ) and the one from the Play Store?

– This version can detect phone numbers as per usual
– Play Store won’t suggest you to update this version (3.1. 8 ) to Lite versions

Install notes:

For most people Call Recorder 3.1.8.apk by itself should be enough on major devices

On my Note 4 it correctly detects the chip and sets the recording options 100%

1) Install Call Recorder 3.1.8.apk
2) Run and give root permissions
3) App may close after giving root (did to me using magisk canary) simply run again and configure the rest of your options
4) Enjoy

If you want to try root recording options (unnecessary for most people) then install CallRecorderAddOn v2.1.0 or use the magisk module containing it from the magisk repo. You may get apermissions error using the addon, but i think it still works, the options certainly appear….

Tested and running over 2 days

What’s New: 
Version 3.1.8:
– unlocks system recorder on OnePlus via ADB (jOnePlus Tools no more required)
– option “copy to clipboard” in menu by clinging avatar for unknown contacts
– cloud upload optimization
– bug fixes



Skvalex Call Recorder v3.1.8 [Patched] APK / Mirror

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